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People Change.

When you start making decisions that you want better and more in life, people change. That change will happen in front of you, all around you and behind your back. #PeopleChange #ShiftsHappen #WhatWillYouDo


Let's face it! There are people in your life (you may even call them friends) that can only handle so much of you speaking of a desire to change from what's considered "normal". They can't understand why you would want to risk everything you have going for you to try doing something else.... It's ok for them to think this way, but you can not allow the thinking of self-limitations, self-doubt, fear and anxiety to creep into your mentality!

How do you prevent this?

Remove yourself from those people & situations.


You have to understand when your relationships with certain people have shifted. Trying to hold on to what's not there will only lead to frustration and feelings of abandonment. Just know that you are not abandoning them. If they wanted to come along, they would.

You are abandoning the haven of fear and doubt where you once felt safe.


When you are on your journey of #Becoming, you must:

  • Be very careful with whom you share your dreams. There are people who we call #DreamKillers; yes, they exist!

  • Stop telling them what you want to do.

  • Get in circles that will empower, inspire and uplift you when you are aligning yourself with your greater!

  • Never allow the mindsets of others alter how you feel about setting goals and smashing those goals.

  • Be true to YOU!

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