What's in a Title?

You can respect the title, give the title props, and support the title, but you should NEVER idolize the title!

Stop paying attention to the titles you see in the headlines.

At the end of the day, people are people first! And the #expectations you place on people because of their title will only lead to disappointment in and for YOU. You are holding a human being to certain standards and they don't even realize it. And as soon as they make moves or do things that aren't in alignment with the "imaginary person" you've created in your head, you start trying to understand WHY. When you can't understand WHY, you start questioning yourself and how you fit in their lives. You are doing yourself a great disservice!

The problem is your perception. The answer is your perception.

Start seeing people for who they really are!


Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with congratulating people on a job well done, but you should NEVER place yourself in a position where you are seen or feel inferior because someone else has a title that you haven't yet achieved.

There are some people who thrive from others boasting, bragging and throwing themselves at their feet. Not one to judge, but those people are really lonely and really need to seek out a good therapist to figure out their issues. When you buy into everything that they're doing without questioning or reasoning if you really need that in your life, but just because it's them who are doing it, you are feeding the beast of pride and ego! #JustStop #DontFeedTheBeast

When all is said and done, please know that you, your mindset, your abilities and talents are MORE than enough to live the life you want to live! #NoComparison

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