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How To Win With Positivity Content

Happy Thursday, Mogul TV family and supporters!

We appreciate the support from each of you as we celebrated our first anniversary last November... and we are as grateful now as we were the day we created this amazing network!

Tune in to your fave shows on the network:

Since the creation, we have stayed true to our mission of offering a different viewpoint on life and chose NOT to follow the trend of creating anything just for the ratings and it has definitely paid off in major ways!

Mogul TV Global Network was named #1 for positivity programming and we couldn't be more proud that being a beacon of hope and a light for the world is what matters and what wins!

Check out our site to learn more of what we have coming up for 2023!

If you're charting unknown territory and want to stay true to that mission, but how do you do that?

  1. Stay true to you. There's going to be a million things and ideas that pop up to throw you off course, but you must be willing to see it for what it is, no matter how tempting, and let it go. Stay on track with what you created.

  2. Learn how to properly pivot. Pivoting should ONLY happen when you've tried a planned strategy that, no matter how many times assessed for a different outcome, does not provide a true answer or path to success. Pivoting allows you to not continue the path of uncertainty, but offers an option for stability.

  3. Understand the difference of pivoting and being swayed by the shiny object syndrome. Tap into your discernment.

  4. Get around people who will feed you energy and wisdom. They may not necessarily be in the same industry, but their guidance in business and/or life will allow you to regain and keep FOCUS on your goals.

  5. Keep going! There's this term, "perseverance". It is loosely defined as the will and desire to keep moving towards your goals despite the obstacles and challenges that arise. You must choose to stay the course.

As we move forward with transformational shows and podcasts on the network, you'll see some familiar faces and some new faces on our journey to continue providing a great dose of positive content to men, women and children across the globe.

So, again, thank you for your constant support and viewership! Let's have an even greater 2023!

Founder of Mogul TV Global Network

Tameka Chapman

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