Regardless of what room you enter, enter as YOU!

Don't waiver; don't stumble and don't second-guess yourself! Stand up straight and walk.


Many times, people will expect you to be a certain way and, if you hang in different circles, that could mean a variety of personalities are expected from each circle. Stop allowing people to place you in a box of who they want you to be in their life or circle.


What are you truly seeking? Is it inclusion, fame, notoriety, friends? You have to know who you are when no one else is around. What is that you want to have as your legacy? What lies at the core of YOU? When you know who you are, you can authentically show up to any place at any time and just be YOU. Doing this will allow others to get to know the real you and appreciate you for the knowledge, wit and expertise you possess, without only existing within their expectations.

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