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Mogul TV Global Network Names New Director of Network Management

Mogul TV Global Network would not be the #1 award-winning streaming TV network for positive programming if we didn't have content for over 300,000 people in over 30 countries to watch!

As a leader who was vital in the startup of this startup, she knows the struggles and obstacles we've experienced along the way, but is also at the very center of our success as a network!

Mogul TV Global Network welcomes Alicia Sylve as our new Director of Network Management. With her tech savvy ways, she's allowed us to create a seamless flow for shows debuting on the network season after season.

With her years of experience in the media industry (music and television), Alicia uses the data from within the network to alert the leadership as to what content our viewing audience enjoys more. She also offers her guidance that allows us to create collaborations and events that allows the network to reach even more viewers.

As the host of Live Through Your Sole and the channel owner of "The Sole Experience " Channel, you'll be able to view a variety of lifestyle shows on her channel. Connect with Alicia on social media @KantrellKonsulting. Visit her site to learn more about what she's doing.

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