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Mogul TV Global Network names New Director of Show Relations

Customer service continues to be a main priority for Mogul TV Global Network.

Understanding how to address and strategically create solutions that allows everyone to WIN while maintaining the integrity and pillars of the network - Culture, Legacy, Diversity - is vital to our continued growth as a streaming TV network and vehicle for greater visibility for our clients.

Mogul TV Global Network welcomes Angelia Allen as our new Director of Show Relations. As the new DSR, Angelia is tasked with ensuring all of our shows are strategically aligned with the network's mission, vision, purpose, and goals.

As the Head of Global Beat 360, Angelia is leading the network's news channel with not only vital information, but also with the good news as we aspire to uplift and inspire in the midst of the world chaos. We are a beacon for many and will continue to shine bright.

Having her finger on the pulse of what's happening in the world, Angelia serves as a vital piece of the puzzle in helping the network's shows strategically plan their show's content for seasons to come.

Connect with Angelia @GlobalBeat360 on any social media platform.

Visit to grab your eBook trio for entrepreneurial success in 2024!

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