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New show, "Freedom Is with Sister Free", focuses on women in ministry

Mogul TV Global Network is excited to announce the launch of a new talk show, "Freedom Is with Sister Free," on Tuesday, April 29. Hosted by Lantoinette Clarke, a pastor, counselor, and author of the book "Freedom Is," the show aims to highlight the important roles women have in ministry and church leadership.

Graphic with a picture of talk show host Lantionette Clarke that states Freedom Is with Sister Free, Tuesdays at 7pm CST only on Mogul TV Global Network
Freedom Is with Sister Free

Viewers can expect an engaging and enlightening experience with each episode. Each episode will feature Sister Free interviewing women who are making a difference in their communities and churches and men who support women in these ministerial leadership positions. The show will provide a platform for these women to share their stories, insights, and perspectives on issues facing women in ministry and leadership.

"We are thrilled to have Sister Free host a talk show that shines a light on the great responsibilities of women in ministry," said Mogul TV Global Network CEO, Tameka Chapman. "Her passion for empowering women and her extensive experience in ministry and counseling make her the perfect fit for this role. We believe 'Freedom Is with Sister Free' will inspire and uplift women viewers around the world and energize them to step into call on their lives."

The show will air every Tuesday at 7pm CST/8 PM EST on Mogul TV Global Network.

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