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What Happened This Week on the Mogul TV Global Network!

When we say that Mogul TV Global Network is all about positive programming, this is why! We have highlighted this week’s episodes and you will see why all our programs advocate for positivity and living life with a good outlook.

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energizeHER podcast.

The week on our network starts on Sunday and there is no better start than with an inspiring episode of EnergizeHER. Last Sunday was the premier episode of the much anticipated podcast focused on women health & wellness, relationships, and wealth generation. The host Tameka Chapman had the honor of having Alicia Slyve as the first guest and they had a good time speaking purpose, energy and life into the lives of women all over the globe.

Listening to the passion and energy of these two great women leaves you wanting to enjoy your life to the fullest. They have a very positive outlook on life and handle whatever life throws at them in a profoundly wise way.

This was just the beginning, the lineup of guests for Season 1 is tailor made to leave you inspired and energized for life.

Crockin Moms podcast.

A good meal brightens up your day. Lisa Marie makes sure that every Monday, you will get to enjoy a nutritious and world class meal using your crockpot. She takes you step-by-step into how to make each dish in her own kitchen using readily available ingredients with no complicated steps.

If you are like me and you are always wondering what to cook, this show is for you. Look no more! Season 2 will begin in October 2022.

Two Mics Up.

We all want our living and working spaces to look good and inspire us. We are here to make sure that we got you covered without having to do endless research online! This week’s episode of Two Mics Up was all about interior design!

The host invited a top tier interior designer and they shed light on everything you need to know when you embark on your next project. Jessica Ortiz is not only knowledgeable in everything concerning interior design, but she is also the co-owner of Zhoosh Decor which is your one stop shop for all your home decor needs in the North Virginia area.

247 Real Talk.

Going to college is a big deal for everyone. You work hard and get the grades and even though it is expensive, the government extends you a loan that you will have to pay back once you start making money. This looks like a really good plan but the downside is that you are not guaranteed that you will get a good paying job once you finish school and that is when the ship starts sinking.

In the third part of the student loans series, Julian Perry gave us a breakdown of why the student loans have been making headlines in the past days. From a very informed point of view, Julian spotlighted people who have been cuffed by these hefty loans leading them to live a very debt riddled life with no upward mobility in their economic status. This episode will enable you to see why moves to forgive these debts are much needed especially by graduates who have not landed well paying jobs and the impact it will make in their quality of life.

Survivor Stories with Imani Kaliid.

Survivor Stories with Imani Kaliid will take you on an extraordinary journey in the lives of men and women who have encountered and overcome life challenges that could have taken their lives.

This week’s episode took a grim look at the escalating mass shootings in the U.S. Watch it to learn how these unfortunate incidents are continuing to wreak havoc in the country.

Lajune Singleton, LLC fitness, health, Mindset, Nutrition, and Wellness podcast.

This week’s episode was centred on the book by Mia Wallace, ‘A child Left Behind By Suicide.’ The author who was the guest, spoke on one of the ailing issues facing our society today, mental health and the after effects. She recounted how her life was growing up as a child left by suicide.

Consequences of bad mental health and how they affect everyone and not only the sick person were brought to light. It is a BIG wake up call to everyone to do something no matter how small or big to alleviate us from this monster that threatens to devour as whole.

R.E.S.E.T with J.

The host of this Thursday night show brought on guests to shed light on the importance of fitness to your overall health.The two - CEO & trainer Amber Dominique Bessard and CEO/ trainer & former New Orleans Saints football player Garrick Spain - own and operate Next Level Fitness in New Iberia, Abbeville, and Franklin, LA!

This episode will leave you motivated to get up from your couch and get some exercise. It is no lie that working out will leave you energized in all sectors of your life and give you that extra push needed to achieve your goals.

Dare U 2 B Different Ministries.

This week's episode brought yet another session of the Good Word to our screens, reminding you that this life is not complete without giving reverence to the Almighty. Donald and Gwendolyn White showed us that there is a lot of peace that comes from having a good relationship with God to which no amount of money or success can compare.

Live Through Your Sole.

Live Through Your Sole, hosted by Alicia Sylve, the #1 Purpose Influencer, came back for SEASON TWO! This season is all about the married woman, women standing at the altar, and the women who are preparing to walk down the aisle!

The first episode featured Lady K and she gave married women good counsel on how independence affects marriage using scenarios from her own life. This is one show that you will teach how to handle marriage issues and be the proverbial good wife.

Painting with Shelby.

Painting with Shelby, the first KID MOGUL on the Mogul TV Global Network, aired its first episode last Saturday!

Ms. Shelby showed the kids how to paint and create beautiful pieces of art and tap into their creative sides. This show, which is tailored to ensure that your kids have loads of fun and learn in the process, is much needed during these times when we lack good content for our children to watch.

Let your kids watch this colorful show every Saturday morning that will inspire them and give them the courage to explore their artistic sides.

Positive TV Shows every day of the week!

This is just but a tip of the iceberg, Mogul TV Global Network is on a mission to ensure that everything that we watch on our screens leave us on a positive note and wanting to be and do better in this thing we call life. Catch up on all these episodes by downloading MOGUL TV GLOBAL on ROKU or Amazon Fire TV or watch using the network app

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