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Perseverance is the courage, desire, drive, faith, strength and will to keep going even when there’s a delay, when you’re not sure of the end result and when you have no idea if you’ll achieve the goal. You just keep going, believing that you will see success!  ~ Tameka L. Chapman

When faced with an obstacle, what do you do? When life throws you daggers, how do you shift? No matter how you decide to handle the circumstances in life, you must never give up on going for your greater! I’m grateful for each lady that shared her journey in this book to show you that if she can face the obstacle, overcome the obstacle and live to share the journey about her obstacle with you, you can too!

When I think of perseverance, I feel the power that comes with that word as I have lived a life that required me to persevere through many challenges. The one thing that stands out is my ability to know that there is greater on the other side. I encourage you, as you read this book and the many transformational journeys shared within, to know that no matter what you are facing or going through right now, you will get through it and walk into your greater!

This book is filled with transformational journeys of women who have overcome life-changing circumstances that led to each woman learning to once again have HOPE, COURAGE, WILL, DRIVE and PERSEVERANCE to keep going. These wonderful souls shared their tests and trials and the path that led to overcoming the obstacles they faced for the purpose of inspiring you to learn how to tap into the power of your perseverance!

The Power of Perseverance Anthology

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