TV Show Production

Have you ever thought about having your own TV show?  

Have a message to share and ready to let your voice be heard all over the world?


Now is YOUR time!


Let's create your show on The Mogul Channel!  Partnered with Exposure TV Network, who has a current reach of 160 million homes in 128 countries, you will be joining an amazing media family that's making a difference in the world.  


The decision to join The Mogul Channel is your first move to making the best decision of your legacy!


With the proper training, coaching and profitability strategy, your monthly TV show investment of $399 will be the catalyst to bringing a change to your life and the lives of the millions you'll touch.

TV Show Production

Price Options
TV Show Production
6 month contract
$399.00monthly/ 6 months
TV Show Production
Annual Rate
$309.00monthly/ 12 months
Special Events
Conferences, Plays, Short Films
$175.00monthly/ 3 months